To provide you with personal, professional and realistic nutrition therapy that helps you embrace your unique needs while gaining a better understanding of nutrition and enjoying food.

Who We Are...

Janet Schuch RDN, LDN   Allentown, PA

Courtney Hager RDN, LDN   Mechanicsburg, PA

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What We do for You!

Why Should You Work With A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist?

As registered dietitian/nutritionists (RDN), we know your success is dependent upon two important things: your personal relationship with food and our ability to meet you where you are in that relationship.  We will listen, ask questions, establish realistic goals and support you with honest professional guidance.  Understanding and awareness without shame, blame, or judgement.

Our desire to provide nutrition uniquely for you allows us to learn more about you.   We will encourage you, challenge you and help you listen to your mind, listen to your body, and listen to your spirit.  What you hear are the answers that will work for YOU now!  We are your nutrition professionals guiding you to positive lifestyle changes.

Clients often ask if a specific food is “healthy" or if the latest diet is “good".  We understand our clients frustrations with making good decisions around food and nutrition for themselves and their families.  Constantly being confronted with confusing conflicting nutrition advice and information leaves you with more questions than answers. Too often it leaves you hopelessly searching for the truth.  Here is our truth…there are no perfectly healthy foods and there is not a diet that is “good” for everyone. That's why we believe it really is all about YOU.

Have fun, enjoy the learning and trust our ability to find the plan that is right for YOU.