Medical Nutrition Therapy is designed to help prevent or delay disease or complications from disease including but not limited to weight management, diabetes, hypertension, cardiac disease and digestive diseases.   These services may be a covered benefit through your medical insurance.  A physician referral, pre-authorization, copay and deductible may be necessary. Contact your insurance provider to verify your coverage.

MNT  Initial- $215*

60 minute visit
Access to Healthie
Follow up documentation to physician

MNT  Follow Up-$145*

45 minute visit
Access to Healthie
Follow-up documentation to physician

*We strive to give clients access to affordable care.  Discounts are available for clients not covered by medical insurance.


We ask all our clients to use Healthie.  We know self-monitoring is one of the most powerful tools to help make lasting changes.  Healthie is that self-monitoring place to track your food and metrics and connects directly with your dietitian.  It allows us to communicate in a HIPAA compliant, safe way and makes staying in touch easy.   Your entire experience will be better.   All you need to do is create an account (we’ll send you an email with the “how to”) and download the Healthie app on your phone or login on your computer.

Why use the Healthie platform?

  • HIPAA compliant, encrypted and secure Electronic Health Records (EHR) System
  • Message your dietitian safely and securely right through the app
  • Video chat with your dietitian through your mobile app or your computer
  • Complete your intake forms from your phone or computer right from home.
  • Track meals, metrics, and workouts right from the Healthie app
  • Photo food logging- snap a pic and you’re done. I’ll be able to review and comment (we’re not looking for perfection, no pressure here!)
  • Share and receive documents- we’ll be sharing some handouts along the way, they’ll stay here in one safe place to view at any time.
  • See your scheduled appointments in the app
  • Experience an increase in accountability, let your dietitian help you stay on track!

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