Let’s forget for a second all of the generalized recommendations, the food shaming, body shaming, and anxiety inducing urge to be perfect in your nutrition. Let’s instead look for the positive in your diet. Can you tell me what you are doing well? What makes you feel good? How about in your general wellness? Sometimes what makes us more “well” is to unsubscribe from the food shaming bloggers, turn off the TV doctors, and look inside ourselves.
I recently started my masters in applied nutrition so I can help my clients even more to improve their lives. At the same time I am working a full time job in clinical nutrition, trying to rehab from a running injury, and launching my new business. All of these are inherently good things and all of them are life dreams and goals of mine (except the rehab part... I would rather just be training). But throw it all together and it creates a pretty overwhelmed RD at times. Reading my text book, charting on patients, writing blog posts for our new business, trying to improve my fitness... you get the picture.  I’m a little scattered, thinking about what I’m doing wrong and what I’ve let slide in all of this.


Last night I went back to yoga class for the first time in months (oops, I guess I let that slide too). It was amazing to take note of my body, take inventory of my thoughts and the state of my mind. It wasn’t amazing because I realized my mind and body were in awesome shape - just the opposite, really; it was amazing because I finally took the time to introspect - give myself love and grace. The cool thing about yoga for me is that I will never be perfect at it but I can always work towards improvement and breathe into the challenges.  I never used to take modified poses because it seemed like that was the newbie thing to do. Now I love my props because I’m showing love and grace to my body and mind by meeting myself in my current state - not my perfectionist, ideal, non-realistic state.


Are you seeing the connection?


Let’s talk about you. Do you feel like you’re failing at your wellness if your diet includes pizza and beer on Fridays?   Maybe you give into the office candy dish. Do you feel like nutrition isn’t worth it because you don’t actually like vegetables, whole grain bread or yogurt? What if you gave yourself credit for moving one step closer to wellness every time you make a good choice rather than giving yourself guilt every time you choose a “treat” in your diet? Maybe you take time to notice that even after you treated yourself, it still didn’t feel right. But maybe that treat is like choosing a modified pose in yoga - it’s not the full on perfect pose but it helps your wellness in other ways (like not getting injured pushing yourself!). Could the treat in your diet be part of your wellness by giving you joy? Fellowship with friends? Grace to choose rest from your overall wholesome diet?  

What if you gave yourself grace to notice the things you actually do well?

That will be different for you than it is for me, the TV doctor or for the blogger.

That’s why this is all about you.


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3 Thoughts to “My “One You” Approach”

  1. Laura Barko

    Grace to see the positive, to take baby steps, to move toward rather than away from total wellness, to give yourself…well, grace! I like it!

  2. This is SO great, Courtney, and so important to share.

  3. Carol Moore

    Thanks for the reminder! I’m going to find some quiet time this weekend to experience grace as I meet “myself in my current state – not my perfectionist, ideal, non-realistic state.” I’m already feeling the grace.

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