Have you tried once or twice to make that diet or lifestyle change but “failed” even though it’s what you truly know is best? Now tap into that “failure” - it’s the thing that will make you stronger and help you meet your goals. It may be scary, painful, intimidating and yes, you may even fail another time or two; but the satisfaction that follows is so rewarding.


I made a commitment to train and compete in a triathlon. I know it will be challenging. My husband, family, friends and former teammates are all supporting my commitment. I have competed since I was six years old and faced challenges before so why is this so intimidating?


Saturday was my second true swim-bike “brick” workout in my triathlon training. This is triathlete lingo for practicing two parts of the triathlon consecutively, and often involves rehearsing the transition between events. I worried about this one after a recent challenging brick in Lake Erie. That workout culminated in my getting sea-sick. Further adding to my worry, I recently upgraded my pedals to cleated shoes that clip to the pedals and, unsurprisingly, have fallen off the bike a couple of times so far. To be honest, I’ve been avoiding this workout.
As I finished my brick on Saturday, I thought about my next 3 weeks of training before my race. I realized that if I’m going to achieve my big goal, this is the workout I need to do over and over until race day. I need to prioritize my open water swimming until I’m comfortable, spend more time on the bike, and practice mounting and clipping in quicker. I need to push past the intimidating parts of my commitment. The parts that take me out of my comfort zone. I know I won’t be content letting potential lose steam while I stay in that comfortable place.


Where do you need to step out of the comfort zone? Will you work through a hard day doing your best, knowing that on “race day” you will feel the pride of a “full training cycle”? If you’re like me, you may get sea-sick or fall. Commit anyway to your personal diet and healthy lifestyle goals.


Is there a part of you that finds these next steps on your journey intimidating? Challenging? Are you avoiding that commitment because you tried once, twice, or many times and “failed”?
Feel free to comment and tell us what your scary or hard lifestyle challenge is right now - we’ll cheer you on as you go.
One You Nutrition dietitian Courtney Hager believes all of us should be fueled for whatever adventure awaits us.

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