Courtney Hager RDN, LDN

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My areas of practice focus on:

Sports Nutrition for the Competitive or Casual Athlete of any Age

Wellness / Preventative Nutrition

Liver Disease

Cardiac Disease

Mindful Eating

My promise… “I will be realistic about treating your body and your mind like a powerful athlete!”

When you work with me, I will help you to optimize your time through exploring food preparation methods and meals to give you the energy to achieve your goals! We can work on exploring how to increase your energy and enjoyment of food at the same time.

A little bit about me…

Have you been reading about nutrition online or hearing about it from friends? Does it ever seem unrealistic? I am here to help you sort through the true and the untrue; the necessary, the optional, and the harmful recommendations. When you choose to work with me as your registered dietitian nutritionist, I will help you develop realistic goals and plans related to your nutrition and wellness.

My passion is working with athletes at all levels. Perhaps you don’t consider yourself to be an athlete, but you still need to fuel yourself for your lifestyle. Do you have a body that moves? You are an athlete, so let’s fuel and treat your body like one!  In my personal experience, endurance sports have been a major part of my life. I love the way the body and mind can be continually challenged through going the distance! After many years of running competitively including at the college level, I have learned how powerful mindfulness can be and I believe that nutrition ties into all of your fitness and wellness goals.

I also believe in simplicity. If you love trying new recipes or trendy flavor palates, I’m so happy you have found value in exploring food further! But if you like to keep it simple and quick (as an endurance athlete, I understand!) we can keep it simple and as quick as possible while retaining nutritional value of your meals. Nutrition does not have to look the same for everyone.

I completed my undergraduate degree in nutrition and dietetics at Messiah College in 2012 and my dietetic internship through Cedar Crest College in 2013 and am now starting my master’s degree through Northeastern University. I have spent time working in hospital food service management, long term care/acute rehab, acute care, and outpatient. Through all of this I have seen the way food can add value to life and move us further to our goals.

I would love to be on your team! Connect with me to hear more about how we can take you to new heights and lengths!