Carbohydrates to choose for health and performance

Don’t Ditch the Carbs: Healthy High Carb Foods to Choose

When I say “carb” what do you think of? Bread! Pasta! Bagels! These are the answers I hear most often. Usually for health conscious clients, they come in with a negative connotation associated with these words. They expect to be told to cut these out of the diet to have a healthy life. Put your mind at ease, the dietitian...
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4 Things to Know Before Buying Dietary Supplements

You make food and lifestyle choices to keep you energetic, free from illness, and feeling great. Now you’re wondering "Should I take supplements to help my health?" What is the difference between a vitamin/mineral and other herbal and performance enhancing supplements? Vitamins and minerals are chemical substances found in our food that our bodies require in very small amounts (compared...
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